I am working in Japan as a Engineer/Sales Engineer, Pythonista, a motorcycle rider (SWM GRAN MILANO 400). At University, I was studying to analyze non-language information using motion capture system. I love IT, my all friends, my country and Japanese animation culture.

Work: PLAID, Inc.Engineer/Sales Engineer

Contact: Twitter(@equal_001)

Other:Github, Hatena Blog(japanese), VJ/DJ

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RailsGirls Sapporo

One of the Organizer, RailsGirls Sapporo. You can see a report of the event. Sapporo city is located in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. 15 Girls and 14 Staff&Coach participated in this event. Thanks to all of you for your kindness and support!

Production of the local character of Yunokawa Onsen

A designer of Yunokawa Onsen's local character. The local character(alike Yuru-Chara) is created for promotion and a symbol of the land. Please come to Yunokawa Onsen! :)

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One of the author, -"ビブリオバトル入門―本を通して人を知る・人を通して本を知る"(in Japanese).

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